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POPping in for Hispanic Heritage Month

Driving Prosperity, Power, and Progress--what a POWERful 2023 Hispanic Heritage month national theme that serves as a reminder of America's rich tapestry of interwoven histories, tradition, and stories. Power of PROGENY Foundation (POP) is honored to commemorate the contributions of the distinctive histories and cultures of Hispanics and Latinos in the U.S. during Hispanic Heritage month and all year long.

For over 20 years, POP has carried the torch to amplify the stories of all Americans within schools and communities---to bring a sense of community and belonging to youth---to students, and teachers alike. Are you looking for ideas to celebrate in your school and community? 15 years ago, the young people in these photos were too.

As our diversity organization sat a festive Mexican restaurant, we celebrated the birthdays of two young ladies donned in sombreros and celebrated Hispanic culture in our leisure time. I can still hear " Feliz Cumpleaños" as the sombreros were placed on the girls' perfectly quaffed hair. Our organization sat on the right side of history with smiles, laughs, and a sense of connectedness in at a time when we were met with opposition, much like many of you today, yet we stood in our truth because with each other, we belonged.

At the time, the group was small in number, but mighty in our drive for our cause for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. In 2023, Power of PROGENY believes your drive for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging fuels you. This drive will serve as a catalyst for change, for inclusive spaces, for community engagement, for prosperity, power, and progress. Our drive continues to fuel Power of PROGENY Foundation to do the work we do. In 2020, after years of serving as a school advisor, I stepped out on faith and launched Power of PROGENY as a national 501-c3 nonprofit, not knowing months later I would turn on the TV to news that a statuesque 46 year old Black man would breathe his last breath at the hands of those who vowed to protect and serve. That the nation and world would be forced to confront itself, to confront its epidemic--the ugly truths of systemic and overt racism, inequities, and injustices--to examine its heart.

Power of PROGENY Foundation (POP) continues "heart work", by celebrating Hispanic culture as we did 20+ years with events like, "Hablar: Expresa Tu Esperanza: Speak: Express Your Hope". Below are just a few images of from our POWERful event.

Power of PROGENY'S desire is to continue this "heart work" of equity and inclusion,

and we can efficiently do so with a generous donation from you. To continue to the "heart work" of embracing diversity and inclusion by making an impact in schools and communities, we need your generous support. Simply scan the QR code to make a tax deductible donation to the Power of PROGENY Foundation nonprofit today. As POP continues to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, we leave you with inspirational words from our panelists in the video clip from our Hablar: Expresa Tu Esperanza: Speak: Express Your Hope" panel discussion, which was held as Casa Tequila in Rock Hill, SC. To learn more about POP's drive for Prosperity, Power, and Progress at, we invite you to visit . Happy Hispanic Heritage month! May we celebrate all year long. Follow

Yours in Community,

Carlo L. Dawson, POP Founder & Executive Director

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