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Six months ago, I saw a post from a PROGENY Alumnus who shared that she is expecting her first child. Messages like these are always bring melancholy, pride, and encouragement, but this email hit a little differently. This particular alumnus was part of one the first PROGENY clubs that I founded and advised.

This post represented a new mark on the timeline of a student I'd met nearly 20 years ago in the early years of my teaching career. Our relationship included mentorship, academic exploration and leadership development and continued to grow exponentially. We grew individually and professionally, applying the valuable lessons and experiences that we chose to create together. And, our paths reflect those choices, honorably.

Those early years of PROGENY taught me the importance of making choices with intention. The post reminded me that intention + commitment + passion changes lives. And, now, I sit on the precipice of change and passion as we launch the Power of PROGENY foundation—an organization inspired by the heart of PROGENY and our nation’s need for healing and justice.

Help us celebrate 18 years of leading students and communities with intention, commitment, and passion!

Bless Your Soul,

Carlo L'Chelle Dawson

POP Executive Director

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